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So I've been absent minded with school and work for the past four weeks. But the good news it I'm not dead. I just found time to write now at 5:45 in the morning ^^

Recently though I've been sick and I'm basically over it now. But to topoff the end of my illness I oull a muscle ^^ YAY! I was playing six square with the kids at the daycare I work for and I really hit the ball wrong and over extrended my wrist. My hand went all fuzzy and I sharp pain formed at the base od my eblow. It was great fun. A relayable source told me to take medication and that It'd be a week before I'd start feeling better. Well it'sday two, which out taking drugs and my arm feels pretty good. Not perfect cuz there is an uncomfortable feeling to stretching the muscle in my forearm.

I also decorated cupcakes yesterday. I figured I'd be an over achevier and make the cake walk cupcakes a whole day in advance.. or two days, but then Ithought I'd take a bit more than a dozen up to stage craft to pass out as a treat (and to get reactions as to how they look). Then again, these cupcakes are decorated so little kids will be eager to take them. Oh well. And Bella Morte, please act surprised when I bring them in even if you read this ^^

Okay, That's all I have to relay. Oh and get excited for the new lay out!

Yay! Another song!

I'm truly excited! I have written lyrics to another song and I'm actualy working on piano music to accompany it. I'm hoping it goes well. Part of me is tempted to post it as a Youtube vid with me singing it, but then I worry about someone ruining my amazing song by copying it. I don't mean word for word, but suddenly there happens to be a song that comes on the radio that is very similar to mine. Yet, maybe someone would come along, here me singing and think it's an amazing song and would want me to record it. But the chances of that happening are probably small.

As I listen to the song as I type, I realize that I actually sound pretty good, in tune and everything.Usually when I hear myself recorded I'm usually repulsed by the way I sound, especially singing wise. And that now makes me sound like a bad singer. I dunno. I believe I can sing, I think I sound good. I know I sing a song on youtube which is a musical revue performance. But that I did okay. The song could have been faster and there could have been a needed key change. That was probably the most depressing part of the whole song was that I got to sing I Got Rhyth (which is a freaking awsome song) but it was written quite high, and made it sound a bit opera like. A handful say is was beautiful how I sang, me.... I wonder why I still keep this bad memory. But whatever. Type in Beautifuldeathmeri and you will come across my five videos. I highly recommend the Audition. It is very funny once you get into it, especially the end. It is a bit long and a parts a bit hard to hear, but most of all you get a pretty good laugh.

Other than that going on today, I have been officially registered for Japanese! (yay!) So who knows, I might try and intertwine Japanese as I write my blogs from now on. School so far is going swell, I'm enjoy it thoroughly.

Well.... Kombawa and Siyonara!

Rain drops

Another wet Washington day, a needed wet day. Western Washington has been very sunny the past week (yay!) and now there is rain. I hate being out in it, inless it's a down pour (then it's just a contest to see how fast I can get wet). Bt inside my bedroom it's noce to watch the little droplets splash on my window and shower the ground. Plus I have a dancing flower that uses solar energy to work and is bobbing back and forth. It's cute.

My second year of college starts on Monday and I believe I have all my books. I can't wait to start Creative writing and Japanese 101. I hope I surviv this semester too. I'll be taking 18 credits and I'm sure that this quarter will prove to be a lot of homework. Plus I have work in the mornings and afternoons. Saturdays and Sundays will be my best friend for sleeping and trying to maintain somekind of social life. I hopemy dog doesn't hate me, with me being so busy.



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